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6 Shopify Marketing Tactics: Drive Sales From Mobile Customers


It would be an understatement to say that today, there are more mobile visitors than people who visit a site through their desktop. This is quite evident from a survey conducted by Shopify in August 2014 that noted a drop in desktop traffic users among 100,000 ecommerce stores. 

Therefore, it has become important for Shopify store owners to cater to the diverging preferences for both the types of customers. In addition, it is equally important for the store owners to employ strategies that can drive traffic through mobile friendly sites and help improve sales. 

This article focuses on five important tactics that can not only help Shopify store owners drive mobile user traffic, but also increase their sales through it.

 1. Create Mobile-Friendly Version of Your Current Shopify Store

One of the biggest and the most important step to drive mobile user traffic to your Shopify site is to ensure that the store is mobile-friendly. Considering the high number of users that choose to visit a Shopify store on their mobile phones, it is important for the store owners to realize that they need to make their site accessible to such users.

Designing a mobile-friendly and responsive site, offers a great user-experience for both mobile and desktop users. The greater the user experience, the more will be the word of mouth out of satisfaction and therefore, an increase in traffic.

For example, Shopify store owners can decide to have a site with fluid grids. This way, the content is redistributed to best suit different mobile devices. In addition, the nice and easy arrangement of text makes it easy for the user to quickly navigate through the site without any hassle. 

Mobile-friendly Shopify store owners often experience less bounce rate and exit rate as users tend to remain on their site for a longer period of time. In addition, there is an increase in conversion rate, which means more sales.  

 2. Enhance Shopify Marketing Using Social Media

Another way to drive sales from mobile customers is by promoting the Shopify site on different social media platforms. 

 Studies suggest that a majority of mobile users are active on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Therefore, it is important for the Shopify site owners understand that any conversation related to Shopify marketing must start with these social media sites. 

Having a powerful post on Facebook with beautiful and engaging imagery, helps get a higher click-through rate. Remember, it is important to create a strong visual impact on the minds of the users, so that they actually click on the link to see what is in store for them. The use of powerful imagery is especially important in case of mobile site users.

Similarly, other social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest rely completely on visual reasoning. This has several implications for marketing the Shopify store.


3.  Run Mobile-Friendly Email Newsletters Campaign 

Email marketing and sending newsletters to the customers is one of the great ways to engage potential customers and drive them to the Shopify site. Therefore, the Shopify marketing strategy must include email campaigns as one of the key strategies.

However, it is important to ensure that the marketing guys send mobile-friendly email newsletter campaigns to all their users. This is again because of the increase in the number of people who prefer to visit the site from the mobile. 

A majority of people today, check their email on the go – while they are traveling to work or college.  Therefore, the email marketing campaign must be attractive and engaging enough to grab the potential customer's attention at a single glance. Providing attractive offers and discounts usually helps increase the likelihood of a subsequent sale.

There are different email marketing software that Shopify site owners can prefer to use. One such software is MailChimp. It has over 7 million customers who send almost 10 billion email newsletters to their subscribers every month.

4. Check Website Speed

One thing that makes it certain for an individual to leave the site is its slow speed. While the speed at which a site loads is important for all types of websites, it holds a special importance in case of mobile sites. 

While browsing a site on their phone, people might use their 3G WiFi connection. While page loading is usually not a problem when a user is connected through WiFi, it could be slow in the case of 3G. This must be taken care of while designing the mobile-friendly Shopify site.

In addition, the shop owners must remember that the processing power of a majority of smartphones is slower than the desktops. Therefore, the site must be optimized in a way that it loads faster. 

The Shopify site owners can consider to use PageSpeed insights to identify specific problems associated with the mobile-friendly site. Google's PageSpeed Insight tool is probably one of the best tools that can help owners learn how to optimize their site. In addition, they can choose to replace some of the images with CSS3, as images take more time to load. Shop owners can also choose to split huge website content into small chunks and spread it across different pages. 


 5. Design Online Shopify Store For Touch, Not Clicks

One of the most important things to consider while designing a mobile-friendly version of a Shopify site is that people using a smartphone don't have a mouse in their hands. Therefore, they cannot click any sought of left or right arrows to navigate through the site.

This is the reason why the Shopify store must be designed for the mobile users to suit their requirement of a touch rather than clicks. They will be tapping and swiping their screens while browsing the site and this is where the entire difference lies. 

Therefore, the mobile-friendly site must be designed for touch and not clicks. Giving enough space for the fingers to move, using buttons for navigation instructions and giving feedback as a user touches the screen are some of the key factors to consider while designing a mobile-friendly site. 

In addition, the shop owners and designers must ensure that the options in their drop-down menu are touch-activated. Also, since typing is slower on smartphones, designers should ensure that site users on mobile have to provide minimum text input.


 6. Enhance Your Mobile Checkout Process

Many customers decide not to purchase things from a website primarily because of a complex checking out process. As a result, they often decide not to come back at the same site ever again. Therefore, it is important to have a simplified checkout process while designing the mobile-friendly version of the Shopify site. 

By reducing the potential customers to navigate away from the checkout page after adding the product to the cart, you can increase the sales and reach the target revenue. However, achieving this is not everyone's piece of cake. 

First and foremost, the Shopify site owners must make their navigation and landing page as effective as possible. Use correct words and images to attract the customers because those visiting the site on mobile would see only a limited amount of content. 

Next, consider installing Shopify Responsive Checkout. It is a simple way to let users purchase what they want to have in just a few clicks. Moreover, it is completely customizable and can be adjusted as per the shop's brand.  

To Sum Up With

A mobile-friendly Shopify site is not just simple and easy to navigate, but also takes less than a few seconds to load the entire page. The content is clear, well-laid and chunked out so that a reader is able to comprehend things faster. In addition, use of strong but limited visuals also attracts the visitors to make a purchase. The mobile-friendly design of the site lets the user search for things quickly. It thus provides a great user experience. With all these factors in hand, you would love to know that Google too indexes mobile friendly factors, thus increasing your chances of being found in SERPs easily.