Episode #62: Creating and selling an unique fashion product 'the original wrist pocket' online


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What's in episode 62?

Inventor, designer, entrepreneur and now Shopify merchant, meet Susan Furniss Radley Founder and CEO of Dust + Rock, creator of the original wrist pocket. Susan is one of Virgin Media's Backing Business winners, and part of the prize was a Shopify store built by us Milk Bottle Labs. In this episode we catch up with Susan to learn how she is finding selling online with Shopify and more about how she started her business and the opportunities she's creating to sell her product in other countries.

This is a must listen for any entrepreneur, product owner or retailer that is starting out selling online or looking to expand their customer base to other territories.

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Episode Notes
  • Introduction
  • Virgin Media Backing Business Finalist
  • What is a wrist pocket?
  • Seeing opportunities to collaborate with corporate branding like Virgin Media
  • Where the name dust + rock came from
  • How the idea of the wrist pocket materialised when travelling in 2010
  • What Susan misses about her previous career as a commercial pilot
  • How her passion for her new business outshines flying
  • Nine months into Shopify, what has the experience been like for dust + rock
  • The freedom of Shopify, the flexibility and how user friendly it is without constantly needing a developer
  • Trust in the Shopify platform
  • Favourite app to date, Judge Me for verified reviews
  • The importance of genuine reviews to install trust when a product is new to the market
  • Biggest challenges to navigate like shipping costs
  • Starting a new business from scratch without any prior experience and having no idea what's to come
  • Discovering a real passion for sourcing, designing, and selling
  • Will dust + rock be branded across the world? What are the big plans?
  • How the essence of the original wrist pocket solves a problem
  • How the business is evolving organically
  • Attending Showcase Ireland in RDS, Dublin
  • Immediate future plans to launch in Spain
  • Researching fulfilment centres aboard and how they work
  • Maximising on affordable startup options like using social media, Instagram, PR and the right fulfilment centres