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10 Reasons to Consider Shopify in Ireland

If you are looking to sell online in Ireland, you should consider Shopify. It is the e-commerce platform of the future. Here we list the immediate benefits of Shopify as your next platform of choice for your online business. 

1.  Mobile Ready

Mobile is key in todays busy, search driven online market place. As more and more customers come to rely on their smartphones for all of their shopping needs, Shopify's ability to let them shop from any device becomes even more important. Shopify store designs are mobile responsive. What does this mean? When you open the Shopify's store on any device type, mobile or desktop, the store responds to the screen size and renders beautifully allowing users to make successful purchases.

2. Theme Store

Shopify stores provide their owners with copious amounts of aesthetic appeal and in an crowded marketplace, that's ultra important. Shopify  designs are available via the Shopify Theme Store. Being able to stand out is far more important than fitting in. The theme store allows small business to take advantage of mobile friendly themes designed by professional web designers at a fraction of the cost. The theme store provides small business owners to enterprise grade store designs. At Milk Bottle labs we'll assist you in choosing a theme to suit your business, brand and product.

3. Blogging Platform

Blogging with original, relevant content is one of the fastest ways to get the word out about your store and move up the Google rankings. With Shopify, businesses have access to a built in blogging platform and direct traffic to their site much more easily than companies who do not utilise the same techniques. At Milk Bottle Labs, we'll migrate all your old blogs if you wish to migrate from an existing blogging platform sell online via Shopify.

4. Enhanced Security

There is no need to worry about your security when using Shopify. Any credit card or banking information that is placed on the website is protected by the same level of security that would be used at your local bank. Shopify is PCI compliant & now included SSL on every store. 

5. Dedicated Support Staff

Once your store goes live support is paramount to maintaining  a successful online business. The Shopify guru teams provide round the clock support. Staff are available and ready to answer any questions you may have and address any potential concerns. Even if you have a question in the middle of the night, Shopify's support team is merely just an e-mail or phone call away.

6. Transparency

The e-commerce industry is filled with hidden fees that present themselves when you least expect them. With Shopify, you will never see any sort of mysterious charge that was secretly hidden in your terms and conditions. Pricing is transparent and simple. No hidden charges :).

7. Free Shipping

After all, who doesn't enjoy free shipping? By using Shopify, e-commerce is made easy. When a store owner can offer a customer added value in the form of free shipping, the client is much more likely to return in the future. Free shipping can be turned on in seconds with Shopify and made available for single products or groups of products.

8. Taxes

Shopify's tax section gives you the ability to add tax rates by location. You can set your store up to charge Irish tax rates in seconds. 

9. Easy To Use

Any platform can draw a customer in once, but in order to keep them coming back over and over again, smart collection techniques are key. These collections allow a person to group items by price and inventory, which makes for easier shopping. Easier shopping means higher conversion rates for your store. The Shopify collections system makes product grouping and sorting easy. 

10. Top Notch Performance

The last thing a store owner needs is a site that constantly goes down at inopportune moments (and is there really ever an opportune moment?) and Shopify's state of the art network keeps problems of this nature from taking place.

You can try a Shopify out here or contact us and we'll set you up with an extended Shopify trial.

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