Episode #35: Rewind and backup


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What's in episode 35?

Mike Potter from Rewind.io was our 1st ever podcast guest. Back then he chatted with us from his office in Ottawa. Now we catch up with him working remotely like many of us due to the COVID-19. His business, Rewind.io, a backup app for your Shopify store, has been busier than ever due to the pandemic. With more businesses focusing online, the need to protect their stores is greater.

Episode Notes

  • Covid check-in
  • Podcast record holder and sponsor!
  • How the business is doing in 2020
  • Researching the market and evaluating different platforms to backup
  • Managing a company that now has to work remote
  • Setting boundaries for the work/home life balance
  • Backing up your e-commerce store survey
  • Store backup is not the same as cloud backup...
  • Finding the needle in a haystack when you don't have proper backup
  • Syncing data can be troublesome
  • Likelihood of deleting data is low, however, the impact is ENORMOUS
  • Rewind.io celebrating 5 years
  • Be wary of cats on keyboards
  • Milk Bottle Labs using Rewind.io on every store

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