Episode #34: Zapiet - the app for store pickup and delivery


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What's in episode 34?

Zapiet has seen its fastest growth ever in response to Covid-19. Due to merchants having to quickly adapt to keep their businesses going, Zapiet has been one of the favoured apps on the Shopify platform to aid them. In this episode, Keith chats with CEO & Founder of Zapiet, Andrew Cargill.

Episode notes:

  • Time spent in Wales and on the Student Union
  • Love of travel
  • How working remote and hiring was made easier in Covid-19 pandemic
  • How dabbling in code in uni, lead to building websites for local businesses
  • Gone full circle! Started out with local takeaways and now with COVID, gone back to food orders
  • Moving people onto Shopify
  • Donuts
  • What Zapiet does
  • How the COVID crisis has helped a business grow
  • Focusing on customer care

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Learn more about Zapiet in our App of the Month: Zapiet blog post.