Episode #33: The power of video marketing


What's in episode 33?

As video marketing is being adopted more and more by brands, Keith catches up with Adrian Geraghty from Videotree Marketing. Adrian shares his views and suggestions on improving video and photography for your ecommerce store. 

Episode notes:

  • How Videotree started out by offering a 3 step marketing solution 
  • Video Marketing strategy. It’s just doesn’t sit on your homepage.
  • The power of storytelling
  • The investment needed to shoot a quality video
  • How jewelers are embracing the use of high-quality video marketing
  • The rise of homemade video on social media and Instagram by influencers
  • The importance of needing a great website to compliment social media activity
  • Video marketing workshops and online training
  • Creating the right video for your business
  • What is the future of video?

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