#Episode 101: A Clean Shopify Canvas with Marcus Seoige

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What's in episode 101?

Marcus Seoighe, hailing from Galway, serves as the CEO of Clean Canvas, one of the most prominent Shopify theme developers on the planet. With more than a decade of experience, Clean Canvas specialises in crafting high-quality Shopify themes and remains one of the top-selling theme creators in the Shopify Theme Store. Marcus spent over 6 years as a Senior Theme Partnerships Manager at Shopify so he knows themes better than anyone.... 

The first ten people to purchase one of Clean Canvas's themes after listening to this podcast who reach out to Marcus at marcus@cleancanvas.co.uk (with store URL showing theme purchase), and who have subscribed to this podcast series on one of the below links, will receive a branded Bullet™ Insulating travel mug.


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