#Episode 102: Building repeat revenue on your Shopify store with Relo

What's in episode 102?

Today, we're thrilled to have Harry Willis, the visionary behind the revolutionary Relo app, joining us for an enlightening conversation. In this episode, we'll explore the journey of Relo, a game-changing application that has transformed how businesses connect with their customers in the digital age. Harry will share the inspiration behind Relo, the challenges faced during its development, and how it's setting new standards in customer engagement and loyalty.

Show notes

Relo offers a 30-day free trial to listeners of the Milk Bottle Labs Shopify Podcast, including full setup/implementation into your current Klaviyo setup. Reach out to harry@reloapp.co for details. 

Case studies as mentioned:

How Forthglade increased new Recharge subscribers by 26% with Relo

How Absolute Collagen saw 16% uplift in Recharge Subscriptions with Relo

How DIRTEA increased their Recharge subscribers by 15% each month with Relo

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