Episode #32: Reunite with Keir Whitaker


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What's in episode 32?

At the end of May, Shopify folk would have gathered at the Shopify Unite conference in Toronto. Due to the global pandemic, Reunite was streamed into people's homes where Shopify made it's latest announcements for new releases that are in the pipeline for the ecommerce platform. In this episode, Keith chats with Keir about Shopify's planned innovations.

Episode notes:

For merchants or anyone that may have missed Reunite and Shopify's announcements here is what is discussed in this episode:

  • Keir is Milk Bottle's record holder for the most appearances on the podcast. Congrats!
  • Reunite
  • Shopify Balance
  • Shopify Pay Instalments
  • Zapiet
  • Not all announcements should be seen as a threat for developers as there can be an opportunity
  • Food -- Shopify tapping into food vendors
  • Native Subscriptions
  • Recharge -- it's not just a tick box
  • Feature custom domains -- a vanity url? Pricing products for other countries.
  • New online store design -- Sections Everywhere
  • Shopify Email

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