Episode #31: The rise of gift cards


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What's in episode 31?

In this episode, Keith chats with Yair Miron, CEO and Founder of Rise.ai, an automated Gift Card & Store Credit solution for Shopify stores. With a 55% rise in gift card purchases during Covid-19, Yair shares how merchants can retain their customers through a lifecycle of purchasing behaviour for gift cards and loyalty programmes.

Episode notes:

  • Working from home challenges in a global pandemic. Using platforms like Slack and Basecamp to communicate and manage projects.
  • What the tech culture is like in Israel. Perfect for young companies and startups as people are encouraged to take risks.
  • Healthy access to funding with Government support and International companies all looking for the next big thing.
  • Shopify helps app developers grow.
  • History of Gift Wizard, the predecessor to Rise.ai
  • All about Rise.ai -- a value-added service focusing on customer retention
  • Merchants using Gift Cards to retain their businesses in Covid-19
  • Shoppers want to buy from a brand they feel connected to
  • Offering new channels to sell gift vouchers on
  • All about Rise.ai new partnership with Facebook to sell gift cards on Facebook and Instagram for Shopify stores
  • The loyalty card solution
  • Linking bricks and mortar stores to online

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