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App of the month: Zapiet

Zapiet has seen its fastest growth ever in response to Covid-19. Due to merchants having to quickly adapt to keep their businesses going, Zapiet has been one of the favoured apps on the Shopify platform to aid them.

Bakers, florists, restaurants and clothes stores are all using the app. But what is it? And does your store need it?

Zapiet offers store pickup and local delivery solutions for Shopify merchants. Throughout the pandemic, merchants have been using the app for customers' curbside collections and delivery.

With it’s clean, modern easy to use interface, Zapiet offers 3 apps that will suit small or big businesses from startups to leading brands.

  1. Store pickup and delivery
  2. Delivery rates by distance
  3. Delivery rates by zip code


Zapiet has managed to open the door to merchants who have been reluctant to trade online, as they didn’t want to deal with shipping and delivery. By offering store pick-up they get all the benefits of having an online presence, payments, and being able to market themselves online. It’s the perfect stepping stone.

And no stone has been left unturned either, as Zapiet has pretty much thought of everything that the store owner needs to manage their app with ease.

Zapiet allows each store owner to customise how they want to use their app, as not all stores operate the same. Merchants can define product availability, automations, breakpoints to suit their needs. There is an easy to navigate order management, where merchants can see at a glance what orders need preparing for any given day.

Delivery rates can be calculated by distance. For example, local deliveries could be free up to 5 miles. Or alternatively, rates can be calculated by zip codes. Handily customers can immediately check if they are eligible for delivery on the store’s homepage. If dealing with more than one location, store owners can easily import all their locations and manage them individually. Zapiet then automatically notifies the brick-and-mortar store the moment they receive a pickup or delivery order they need to fulfill. And customers are kept in the loop when their items are ready for pickup or have been dispatched for delivery.

Throughout the Covid-19 crisis, we have installed Zapiet on many of our client’s stores. Allowing them the ability to offer new services in this unsettled time. We love this app on so many levels but more importantly, we’ve received super feedback from our clients that are using it.

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