Episode #36: Sell more with Messenger Marketing


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What's in Episode 36?

Messenger marketing can fill the gaps that email marketing leaves. With a 90% open rate, we wanted to learn more about Recart; the #1 Messenger App for Shopify. In episode 36, Keith chats to Nick Romaya from Recart to find out more about it. 

Episode notes:

  • Covid catchup
  • What is Recart?
  • 90% open rate
  • SMS marketing in the US is relatively new compared to Europe
  • Email is the pillar of marketing. You still need a good strategy!
  • SMS / Messenger secondary marketing
  • Going beyond promotional messaging -- product demos, blog posts
  • All about content sharing
  • Peejamas
  • Improving customer experience with self-explained thorough content
  • Recart - it's got an easy onboarding process
  • App integrations to make seamless transitions
  • What's the next step?

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