Episode #37: Facebook marketing tips for your Shopify store


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What's in episode 37?

Peter Carter knows everything about how to excel with your Facebook ads. Keith catches up with Peter from Rainy City Consultancy, to find out some helpful tips that Shopify merchants can use in their Facebook marketing strategy in the lead up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday in Q4.

Episode notes:

  • How Keith and Peter met (they were both lost...)
  • The Shopify community in Manchester
  • Advice to Shopify store owners on their spend for Q4
  • It's all about preparation and here's how you do it...!
  • How to manage large daily budgets on Facebook ads
  • Living and breathing data
  • What's the physical relationship with the ads once they are up and running?
  • working with in-house teams
  • Copy and creative challenges for ad campaigns
  • Leveraging UGC
  • Using presell pages
  • Product photography and budgeting
  • The importance of good copywriting
  • Engage with your customer by asking them a question
  • Using carousel ads to tell a story
  • Testimonials from review apps are absolute gold with this trick
  • What is Facebook's ecosystem? 

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