Go Mobile with Shopify Instantly

Technology jargon can be daunting. To many small business owners 'going mobile' may seem like a major decision or process.

Managing a small business is time consuming enough without having to worry about how your store renders on a mobile handset.

For Shopify store owners mobile means many things and all makes Shopify more attractive as the ecommerce platform of choice. Shopify has automatically rendering mobile store fronts and a mobile app to help you manage your shop without needing a big screen.

Mobile Ready Shop
Shopifys theme store has a range of responsiove themes which render to size of the screen making Shopify 'mobile ready'. There is zero effort required to 'mobilise' your store. Simply purchase a mobile ready theme from the Shopify Theme Store. Easy as. Without any effort, as a you are guaranteed to maximise conversions by enabling your users access your products in a perfectly rendered mobile site.

Mobile App
While a mobile friendly online store allows you to take orders online, the Shopify mobile app empowers you to manage your shop online. Order management is easy. All orders appear as notifications on your handset. As you drop your orders off to your local post office, easily fulfill orders from your handset. The mobile app reduces the administration considerably adding another element of efficiency to running your shop.

These mobile tools are essential when running your store and make life easy all of on the move. 

Team Milk Bottle Labs

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