Take a 14 day Shopify Trial

Building an ecommerce store is daunting. But it is made a whole lot easier with Shopifys cloud based online store building tools. No longer are you required to be an expert in the field of digital marketing, online commerce or understand HTML. Shopify have built an easy to use interface allowing you to add all the necessary pieces of your new online store in simple steps. Shopify starts by allowing any user to open a FREE 14 trial account.

14 days is perfect. It allows you to familiarise yourself with the dashboard which acts as the command centre for your store. Here you can add products, set your store settings and add all of your content. It is simple to set up pages and collections.

The beauty is, the 14 day trial is the perfect amount of time for you to decide whether or not Shopify is for you. For the trial make sure you have a few demonstration products with decent images and original product descriptions. The more detail you have, the more realistic your store will look.

Of course we all need support and help. As simple as Shopify has made the interface, you are building a store capable of carrying out online transactions so it would impossible to complete without support. Support is key to Shopifys product with 24X7 support via chat, phone, email and telephone. At Milk BottleLabs we love the chat service. For quick and simple fixes, chat is quick and easy and of course the staff are super cool.

If you’d like a FREE trial simply click here. If you go beyond the 14 days and would prefer some extra time before you decide to commit we can provide you with an extended trial – just email us on hello@milkbottlelabs.com

Team Milk Bottle Labs, Dublin, Ireland