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Shopify Plus features: Scripts

As a dedicated ecommerce platform, Shopify Plus is the ideal option for enterprise-level, high-volume online sales. With plenty of opportunities for automation and customisation, all built into a sturdy core that's been explicitly designed for ease of use, Shopify Plus provides all the functionality large brands need without the hassle of creating something from the ground up.

Shopify Plus is customisable in more ways than one, so whether you're new to Shopify Plus or just considering it as an alternative hosting platform for your online store, it has your business needs covered. With Shopify Scripts, it's possible to code personalised experiences and sales funnels quickly and easily into your online ecommerce store or app.

In this article, we take a look at what Shopify Scripts are, what they can do and why they are the best fit for your business needs. Click on one of the links below to jump to that section:

Shopify Scripts overview

Shopify Scripts are a unique and effective way for businesses to customise the ecommerce experience for their customers. Used as part of the cart and checkout process, these quick and easy additions allow businesses to automate and streamline the processes involved in payments, shipping and discount creation. There are three main types of Shopify script:

Line item scripts

These scripts affect line items when products are added to a shopping cart. This kind of script directly changes prices and provides discounts as the user adds various items over time or removes and changes quantities. Line item scripts could be anything from adding a discount once the cart has reached a certain amount to applying BOGO offers or altering pricing for purchasing items in bulk.

Shipping scripts

As the name suggests, shipping scripts directly affect the shipping options, pricing information and discounts. For example, if you have free shipping over X amount, a shipping script will apply the discount at that point in the checkout. Shipping scripts run specifically on shipping options pages.

Payment scripts

These Shopify scripts apply to the payments offered to the user and are triggered once the checkout process reaches the payment page. While these scripts don't directly impact payment gateways like PayPal in any way, they can rename, reorder or hide payment methods to affect what the user sees.

Beyond the three different script options offered on Shopify Plus, it's also worth a quick look at the behind-the-scenes side of script creation. Shopify Scripts use 'Script API', a simplified version of Ruby API, allowing for ease of use and flexibility.

In terms of day-to-day use, the Script Editor app is the tool you use to create individual scripts, using one of the three script templates listed above for ease of use. You'll also need to ensure your storefront supports the scripts you want to use. Depending on your Shopify theme, you may need to update your Liquid template to add the code to support Shopify Scripts. Alternatively, you could choose a different theme that has the support inbuilt.

Shopify Scripts benefits

As a handy and effective tool, Shopify Scripts holds plenty of benefits for large-scale ecommerce businesses with high sales volumes. One of the first is how scripts allow for a more fluid automation of specific functionalities involved in marketing. For example, creating discounts for VIPs and new customers is far easier. Scripts can also speed up the sales process, making everything more streamlined for customers and businesses alike.

Beyond ease of use, Shopify Scripts also offer a way to handle complex product bundles, specific discounts with minimum thresholds and tiered pricing. Because scripts can account for many different things at once, it's easy to make your checkout process more intuitive with no need for customers to input information, paste in a discount code or decipher less automated bulk pricing.

Shopify Scripts also allows ecommerce merchants to create scripts for selling in multiple currencies with suitable payment and shipping options for specific locations. If you want to make your Shopify storefront as user-friendly and straightforward as possible, having Shopify Scripts behind the scenes can ensure everything ticks over with little need for direct input beyond editing and altering existing codes.

Shopify Scripts examples

As flexible and completely customisable methods of streamlining and altering the checkout experience, Shopify Scripts come in many different styles. From simple, set rules for bulk orders to timed discounts on certain items, there's plenty you can do with scripts to improve the customer experience. Some examples include:

Percentage (%) and/or amount (£/$/€) off a product

With a simple line item script for a specific product, that item will automatically receive a discount once it lands in the cart. More complex scripts could involve discounts on a particular item when the customer buys another at full price.

Bulk discounts

This line item script is easy to apply and long-lasting, whether you use a bulk discount on all items or specific products within your Shopify Plus store.

Buy one get one free

This line item script allows for a BOGO discount to be automatically applied at checkout, without the need for customers to manually enter codes themselves. These scripts can be used for timed promotions or constant deals such as buy four get one free.

Modify/hide/reorder shipping rate prices and names

This allows customers access to the best shipping rates based on the items in their card and individual locations.

Modify/hide/reorder payment gateways

Payment scripts like these allow you to change what payment options are displayed depending on a number of different factors, from location to type of customer account.

Local delivery/click and collect

These unique shipping scripts let customers pick collection and delivery options based on their location, which could factor in proximity and availability at local brick-and-mortar stores.

Frequently asked questions

Do you need to understand coding to use Shopify Plus?

Unlike other platforms and CMS, with Shopify Plus you only really need a very basic understanding of HTML and CSS, and a familiarity with Liquid, Shopify’s coding language.

Who qualifies for Shopify Plus?

If you're an enterprise-level, high volume ecommerce business, you may qualify for Shopify Plus. Check out our complete guide for all the details.