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Using Instagram Stories to grow your business

Instagram Stories let users post photos and videos that vanish after 24 hours. This makes it a great tool to be creative and a bit experimental with your content. Unlike your Instagram feed which is carefully curated and polished, IG Stories allow for you to be more impromptu and they are a fun and productive way to engage with your audience.

With over 400 million people using Instagram Stories, there is huge scope for your business to tap into it. Below are some great reasons for your business to start incorporating IG stories into your marketing strategy.

Put a face to the brand  

Unlike your polished Instagram feed, Instagram Stories allow you to show ‘the real you’. Just like customers entering into a brick and mortar store can see who they are buying from. This creates familiarity and trust. People love buying from people they know and can relate to.

Show behind the scenes 

Let your followers be part of the excitement and take them into the day-to-day activities of running your business. Or if you have a big event coming up, show what goes on behind the scenes to get it ready. Create a bit of exclusivity and hype for them to be part of.


With more than 400 million users using Instagram Stories every day, there’s a huge market to tap into. Add geotags and hashtags to your stories to become more discoverable. This allows other users that aren’t followers to see your posts. A great opportunity to create new fans.

Show product demonstrations and guides

IG Stories are a great way to showcase a product.

Make an Announcement

Have a new product on the way? Show teasers for your new product line.

Have Q&A sessions

The question sticker allows users to ask you any burning question they may have. It also is an opportunity for you to learn more about your customers. Use Instagram Live to host a real-time Q&A session to add the human touch.

Run a Poll 

On IG stories you can run polls. This is a really handy tool for finding out your customers preferences and to get feedback. An opportunity to gauge what could sell more. You could ask which colour they prefer ‘pink’ or ‘grey’ when ordering a new product.

Showcase user-generated content 

Customers love to know you’ve heard them. Showing off their posts of them using your products helps to build credibility and win the trust of your target audience.

Use highlights

Curate your stories into story highlights that you can pin to your profile. Highlights are like your showroom which you can arrange into different themes. Create different categories like ‘About Us’ ‘Our happy customers’ (show UGC) Showcase new products ‘2019 Spring/Summer Collection’ Not all stories need to disappear after 24 hours.

Instagram Stories are a great way to build brand awareness, boost your engagement, drive traffic to your website and make those sales.


Siobhán @ Milk Bottle