3 Shopify themes design layouts

5 Shopify Themes we love in 2019 for your online store

Choosing Shopify as your ecommerce platform is the most important online choice you'll make as an online entrepreneur. Choosing your Shopify theme is the second most important step. 

The team at Milk Bottle Labs only works with official Shopify themes purchased in the Shopify theme store. Whether you're a self-build Shopify user or if you've engaged an agency like ourselves, you'll still need to choose your theme regardless of whether you plan to customise or not.

One of the consistent areas of the Shopify platform is the theme store. Unlike the App Store, it does not have thousands of themes available. This maintains a high standard and makes your choice of Shopify theme much easier.

The team at Milk Bottle Labs love the following themes:

1. Parallax

Price: $180
We like it because: 

  • We love the range of themes from Out of the Sandbox but Parallax is a special one with a great mobile experience

  • It's extremely easy and quick to setup

  • Share your latest Instagram posts with your customers and followers

  • Feature a multi-level drop-down menu to help customers easily navigate your store

  • The product page renders beautifully on mobile and has multiple inbuilt theme features which will save the cost of apps in the long run (it's really important to choose a Shopify theme with inbuilt features as it saves the purchase of apps in the future)

    5 Shopify Themes We Love in 2019

2. Avenue Theme 

Price: $180
We like it because:

  • A re-built search and filtering system suits stores with a high volume of SKU's

  • The homepage design is clean and crisp, very professional looking and renders beautifully on mobile, which is really important

  • Multi-product order form

  • Increase cart value by allowing customers to add different products to the cart simultaneously.

  • Display multiple featured collections on your home page

Avenue Shopify Theme 

3. Kagami

Price: $180
We like it because:

  • This theme is perfect for stores with large inventories

  • Feature either a slide-out sidebar menu or a large horizontal menu

  • Support from the Maestro team is absolutely fantastic

  • It has multiple menu options

  • Instagram feeds look excellent which may save the cost of an app in the long-term

Kagami Theme on Shopify


4. Empire

Price $180
We like it because: 

  • Just like Kagami, this theme is an excellent choice for online stores with large inventories

  • Design is intentionally similar to Amazon.com and possibly targeted at Amazon users who are looking to move onto Shopify

  • Displays live search results and quick links for products and store pages

Empire Theme on Shopify

5. Prestige 

Price $180
We like it because: 

  • We are using this theme a lot in 2019
  • Ideal for fashion and craft brands
  • Share your latest Instagram posts in a full-width feed - it renders beautifully
  • Tag images by dragging hot-spots for easier in-context discovery of your products.
  • Displays live search results and quick links for products and store pages

Prestige Shopify Theme

Thanks for reading :)

Keith @ Milk Bottle