App of the Month: Receiptful

App of the Month: Receiptful

Each month we discuss a Shopify application which we use and love. This month, meet Receiptful, an enhanced receipt application which improves the receipt for your customers and adds functionality to drive repeat sales.

When a client enters their details on your Shopify store, they trust you. A purchase represents a very clear message. They trust that you will deliver their purchase as promised. You will deliver the goods as requested and support the customer should they have any questions.

A single purchase represents the start of what can be a long relationship. The team at Receiptful understand this better than anyone. 

While Shopify makes the purchase process as pleasurable and simple for the client, Receiptful supercharges the receipt and improves the post-purchase experience using a number of methods.

Recognising the potential of each receipt, the data behind them and how the customer reads and uses them is now a core part to running your Shopify store.

How does it work?
When each user makes a purchase on your store, the Receiptful app sends a tailored receipt to the user. Receiptful tracks each receipt, measures whether the customer opens the notification or not and adds an upsell to each receipt.  By adding recommendations to each receipt, past customers can return to the receipt and be re-directed back to your store.

You can tailor the receipt by adding your store logo, address details and store colors. You now have full control over a beautiful receipt designed by you.

Receiptful includes the following 4 tools are included:

  1. Recommendations - Add automated recommendations to the base of each receipt. Then you can track clicks and upsells which result from each receipt
  2. Follow Up - Set up automated triggers to remind past customers of new offers, discounts & popular stock
  3. Abandoned Cart - A super powerful element. Here you can see the contents of each abandoned cart. Each time a user enters their email address, Receiptful will bounce out a cart reminder, designed by you, when you decide. 
  4. Insights -  For all elements, you have access to full analytics. It's hard to believe but you'll find yourself checking your Receiptful analytics more often than your Goggle Analytics.

We highly recommend trying the free trial as a start. Monthly subscription charges run from a FREE package to $199 a month. The team & support are super helpful.

If you plan to add one app to your store in the next few weeks, make sure you consider Receiptful :).

Sign up now for FREE or check it out on the Shopify App Store.

Team Milk Bottle Labs