App of the month: Product Upsell by Bold

App of the month: Product Upsell

The Shopify eco system is relatively new. As a Shopify user you can gain from a range of highly converting responsive themes designed with care. But it's only when you start selling and become comfortable with the Shopify platform that your focus will shift from store design to maximising sales. 

If your focus is to shift stock and maximise store revenue, it's impossible not to consider apps built by the team at Bold Apps. Since 2012, the team have producing a range of applications which drive revenue, are simple to use and pay for themselves in weeks.

Today we'd like you to meet one of the most successful apps on the Shopify Apps store - Product Upsell.

Product upsell does exactly what is says on the tin. When a client enters your store it uses a range of techniques to provide additional items to the customer which are related to items in their cart.

As a store owner, you decide what products to upsell. In the past we've used it to push excess and high margin items. You have full control over every offer and access to a simple and clear dashboard within your Shopify store.

Installing requires a little coding but the team at BOLD have that covered. They offer a super quick $25 install service which is turned around in rapid time - as a side note their support is cool too.

Without being a retail genius or IT expert the Product Upsell app enables you to:

  • Boost average order value through last minute offers - in this case you can make an offer to the customer as they check out
  • Upsell relevant items to customers based on their cart contents - if a customer has a red dress in their cart, why not offer them a red hat at a discount?
  • Promote various specials or items based on order value - here you can upsell an item and link it to FREE shipping. If the customer sdds it their cart they get FREE shipping. The customer saves on shipping and you've increased your average order value

Product Upsell works and should be considered for any store owner. Whether you're a newbie to e-commerce or a mature store owner, any app that boosts sales cannot be overlooked.

You can get Upsell with 2 months FREE here . So go ahead and start boosting your sales today.