Klaviyo new features: Bold Commerce integration

Klaviyo new features: Bold Commerce integration

Klaviyo new features: Bold Commerce integration

Since Klaviyo launched in 2012, it has formed hundreds of integrations with eCommerce professionals over the last ten years. Its email and SMS marketing services have been used by Shopify customers across the globe, allowing them to create seamless marketing campaigns to boost revenue and attract new customers. Klaviyo has partnered with a wide range of eCommerce giants, including Bold Commerce.

In this article, we will explain who Bold Commerce are, what their partnership with Klaviyo means for the customer, and how you can integrate Bold into your Klaviyo account today.

In this guide:

  • What is Bold Commerce?
  • What does Klaviyo's integration with Bold Commerce mean?
  • What are the benefits of the integration?
  • How can I integrate my Klaviyo account with Bold Commerce?
  • Klaviyo assistance with Milk Bottle Labs

  • What is Bold Commerce?

    Bold Commerce is a software development company providing eCommerce brand solutions to over 90,000 brands. They have been named as one of North America's fastest-growing tech companies, providing services to companies around the world. Their key features include simpler checkout flows, A/B testing and preferred payments.

    Their Bold Subscription service allows customers to create a unique subscription experience, from onboarding new subscribers to providing an ongoing member experience tailored to the customer. They also offer to promote recurring products, 'mystery boxes' and they focus on giving the customer control of their subscription dates and deliveries.

    What does Klaviyo's integration with Bold Commerce mean?

    Bold is an add-on that you can integrate with your Klaviyo account to send targeted multi-channel campaigns to customers. These campaigns can be triggered when a new subscriber signs up and when one cancels.

    Bold works to collect data on your customers, and will then send relevant metrics to Klaviyo, such as when they started their checkout, when they added their shipping information, and if they started or cancelled a subscription. For instance, when someone subscribes to your services or products, Klaviyo will automatically email them. You can ensure that subscribers only go through this subscription process once by adding Klaviyo filters. Therefore, Bold Commerce helps you track your subscriptions, whereas Klaviyo helps email the relevant people to keep up with marketing and engage with your customers.

    What are the benefits of the integration?

    Integrating Bold Commerce with your Klaviyo account can create a more streamlined, organised process. Instead of simply tracking your subscribers, you can send them automated emails to keep them engaged and build a community. It can help you easily track who has made an order, who has subscribed and who has left your services.

    Merging Bold Commerce with Klaviyo is also quick and easy, and can be completed in a matter of minutes. You can save yourself time and money with no custom development needed. You can use the customer data gathered by the platforms to create strategic, targeted marketing campaigns. Klaviyo can help you track multiple events during the checkout stage, allowing emails to be sent that relate to the customer.

    The integration can also create a much greater user experience, and can help customers feel like they are being heard. Subscription emails provide the customer with more information, improving retention rates. The more customers you retain, the better your chances are of attracting new interest.

    You can read our full guide concerning integration with Klaviyo and Shopify here.

    How can I integrate my Klaviyo account with Bold Commerce?

    Before integration takes place, you need to ensure that you have a public API key. You can find this information in your Klaviyo dashboard under your settings tab. There are two Bold Commerce subscription options; V1 and V2. To add V1 to your account, there are different steps to follow.

    Once you have your API key, you should follow these simple steps to complete integration for Bold Subscriptions V1:

    • Select "Apps" from the Shopify admin section, online or on the Shopify app
    • Select "Recurring Order and Subscriptions by Bold"
    • Select "Integration" then view all
    • Select Klaviyo, then enter your API key
    • Click Save

    You can check to see whether the integration has worked by logging in to your Klaviyo account.

    If you have Bold Subscriptions V2, this is a different app and has different steps when looking to integrate. With a V2 subscription, to integrate with Klaviyo, you will need to:

    • Log into Klaviyo and navigate the top right User dropdown menu
    • Select "Account"
    • Hover over "Settings," then choose "Select API keys"
    • Copy the Bold API key, before logging into your Bold account
    • Look for "Integrations" under your Launchpad
    • Find Klaviyo, then select "Add"
    • Paste the Public API key into the API access token field
    • Click Save

    Follow these steps, and you will connect your Bold Commerce account to Klaviyo for better subscription management and email marketing. If you are still struggling, get in touch with the email marketing experts.

    Klaviyo assistance with Milk Bottle Labs

    Here at Milk Bottle Labs, we have years of experience in helping businesses build and integrate their Shopify store. We've helped companies migrate over to Shopify Plus, as well as integrate their Klaviyo accounts to achieve expert-level email marketing. App integrations are just one of the many services we supply to our clients, so if you're looking for Klaviyo and Bold Commerce merging, you've come to the right place.

    As well as providing theme customisations, platform migrations and email automation setup, we have an excellent customer service team waiting to help you out. Setting up your business is tricky enough without having to worry about a functioning website. Shopify is a great option for any online store, and by providing subscriptions and targeted emails, you can help your customers gain better value for money.

    To find out more, get in touch with us today to see how we can improve your online business.