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Shopify Plus features: organisation admin

If you have some experience using Shopify, you may have come across Shopify Plus. Shopify Plus offers the same basic ecommerce services and dashboard available to all Shopify merchants but with a much high level of flexibility, customisability and growth opportunities for making reaching your short and long-term business goals much simpler.

This makes Shopify Plus the ideal platform for ecommerce store owners who want to scale up their enterprise and have more control over their Shopify store. For even more top-level store performance information and easy user, store and staff account management, the Shopify Plus organisation admin offers unrivalled efficiency and functionality.

This article will dive into the ins and outs of Shopify Plus organisation admin to give you an idea of how this could help boost your ecommerce business. Click on one of the links below to jump to that section:

Shopify Plus organisation admin overview

The standard Shopify plan provides ecommerce business owners with basic admin services which enable you to manage your business directly from your online account, at an individual store level. Organisation admin is only available to Plus plan merchants.

If you manage multiple stores, the Shopify organisation admin enhancement will allow you to manage your stores at an organisation level rather than managing each store separately. You can also assign roles to users who have access to the organisation admin using store access and permissions, access top-level analytics and manage user security settings.

Shopify Plus organisation admin sections

The sections you will find in your organisation admin are:

  • Overview: This displays your analytics and store performance information. Overview provides you with metrics and trends for all of your organisation’s stores, as well as more detailed analytics for individual stores.
  • Users: This is where you manage user access to the admin, assign roles to users, update organisation-wide security requirements and make changes that can affect one or all stores.
  • Stores: In the Stores section of the organisation admin, you can manage existing stores at the organisation level and create new stores with preinstalled Plus-only apps such as Shopify Flow, Launchpad and Script Editor,
  • Shopify Flow: This is another Plus-only feature and through the organisation admin you can manage your workflows across all stores in your organisation without having to install the Flow app in each store.

Shopify Plus organisation admin benefits

It is clear that organisation admin could have numerous benefits to your ecommerce business and will allow for greater control and flexibility over your Shopify stores. These benefits include:

Top-level store performance information

In the world of ecommerce, information is the key to success. Shopify Plus organisation admin provides users with top-level store performance information you can use to guide important business decisions. The platform will generate combined and individual store analytics so you can get a clear picture of how each store and your organisation as a whole are performing.

Add, suspend and remove users

Control over who can access your Shopify store is an essential part of maintaining good business security. If certain access holders present any kind of risk to your store, Shopify Plus organisation admin allows you to easily remove the access that they have. You can choose to remove them for good or suspend them for a certain time period. You can also add new users to your store just as easily.

Assign user roles

It is unlikely that everyone working in your organisation will have the same responsibilities. Staff across different departments won’t all need regular access to the same tools and information, so with the organisation admin you can assign roles to specific users. These roles can combine organisation-level and store-level accesses so that certain features (such as Overview, Shopify Flow and store and user management) are off-limits to users without permission.

Change and monitor user security requirements/authentications

In the Users section of the organisation admin, you can manage the security requirements for users with access. You can verify your domain, enforce and reset two-step authentication for all users, or add Shopify as an app for SAML user authentication and require individual or all users to use this security method. You can then create a SCIM API token to create and deactivate users through your identity provider.

Create new stores and review store status

To maximise business expansion and growth, it is important that you are able to freely add new stores to your organisation and review the status of each individual store that you own. For an ecommerce website entrepreneur, this will help you to determine which stores are performing well and which ones have room for improvement.

Monitor Shopify Flow workflows

To keep up with the busy world of ecommerce, business task automation is essential. With Shopify Flow you can create workflows to automate tasks for your business that may have otherwise been completed manually. This saves time, improves efficiency and allows staff to focus on more customer-facing tasks. With Shopify Plus organisation admin, businesses are able to monitor these workflows to ensure that they are performing as they should be. Regularly monitoring workflows enables staff to spot problems in the system and make changes to improve the process.

Access the Shopify Plus Academy

The Shopify Plus Academy is an online program that can be accessed by users who have a Shopify Plus plan from their organisation admin. The Plus Academy includes a range of self-directed courses that will help you and other members of your business to learn more about Shopify Plus, ecommerce best practices and integration apps.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I move to Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus is ideal for enterprise-level merchants who operate several online stores or who are expecting and planning for exponential growth. The plan provides more flexibility, detailed analytics and greater control over your Shopify stores. Moving to Shopify Plus is an investment for any growing online store.

What does Shopify Plus offer for B2B and wholesale?

Shopify Plus software provides an effective B2B and wholesale solution through a process that includes a responsive and branded storefront. This impressive feature requires no knowledge of coding and you don't have to be an expert developer to use it. You can find out more about how Shopify Plus can help with B2B and wholesale trading here.

How does Shopify Plus compare to Magneto?

Shopify Plus is a simpler SaaS solution compared to its competitor Magneto, which requires much more advanced knowledge of coding and back-end development than Shopify Plus so can be more complicated to set up and manage. We’ve put together a full comparison of Shopify Plus and Magento that explains these differences and much more.