Meet Elivar; our latest Shopify store

Donal Hanrahan and Len Dunne are the inspiring entrepreneurs behind Elivar, a sports nutrition range designed for the over 35's. It's always a pleasure to work closely with online entrepreneurs who not only have a great idea but the energy required to bring Elivar to the market has been truly impressive.

Extensive research using real and academic insights, backing by Bord Bia and addressing the needs of athletes over 35 has lead to the development of a new market of sports nutrition. The end product is Elivar, the world's first range of sports nutrition optimised for over 35’s.

For the team at Milk Bottle Labs, it was a pleasure to witness another successful business adopting the Shopify platform. Elivar has been selling online since late 2013 via the Amazon Webstore service. However during 2015 Amazon announced they were withdrawing the Webstore service by the end of April, 2016 and suggested Shopify as its preferred migration partner.

With a significant existing and repeating customer base, Elivar required a seamless migration from its existing platform to Shopify - no loss of sales, customer historical data or e-commerce workflows. On the front end Elivar wanted to maintain its existing strong branding, with strict guidelines including the use of specified fonts and colors across its store. Elivar also had significant 3rd party integration requirements to online accounting, inventory management and CRM services.

Over a period of 6 weeks, the Milk Bottle Labs development team worked closely with Elivar to build the required solution using the Shopify platform, custom themes, partner apps and 3rd party integrations, delivering on Elivar’s requirements across desktop & mobile.

Donal Hanrahan, CEO of Elivar said “While we liked the Shopify platform, it was Milk Bottle Lab’s commitment to our project that made this such a successful project. They took the time to really understand our requirements and in many cases helped us refine those requirements to achieve an even better outcome. Our existing customers have been hugely impressed with the ease of purchase compared to our previous site, while we have been able to acquire new customers in increasing numbers through the use of some really impressive apps from the Shopify app store.

We are proud of the finished product. Our expertise in Shopify customization has enabled Shopify to deliver on the client's expectations.

Once again proves Shopify to be preferred platform of choice no matter what you intend on selling. 

About Elivar
Our bodies change as we age, so should our sports nutrition. Elivar is the worlds first sports nutrition company to focus exclusively on the health and performance needs of people over the age of 35.