Two examples of Orderly Email transaction receipts on desktop and mobile view

App of the month: OrderlyEmails

One email that every customer is guaranteed to get is a transactional email. Even if you haven’t built out your marketing strategy yet or set up marketing automation emails, the transactional email is a good starting point. As we’ve mentioned before, emails are one of the most effective ways to market your products and build your brand.

OrderlyEmails by FORSBERG+two is an easy to use design tool that helps customise the emails merchants are sending to customers. The beauty and simplicity of it is that the editing experience is based around the Shopify website editing interface, so store owners should feel comfortable building these emails. You don’t need to be a designer and you don’t need to know how to code to get professional-looking emails that will help elevate your brand.

With a one time purchase (no subscription is required), you pick your theme and design to your brand. The themes have been designed specifically for Shopify. Each design can be customised and the wording of each email, as well as what order and product info to include.

The application allows you to generate the code to replace the bland default Shopify notifications with your newly designed on-brand OrderlyEmails. 

Each email theme purchase includes all 26 email templates that Shopify supports, including the Order confirmation, Shipping confirmation, POS and mobile receipts, refund notification, etc. All for a one-off payment with free updates.

We’ve installed OrderlyEmails on many of our client’s stores. When great effort has been put into making an online store look fantastic, the message needs to be carried through all the communications with the customer. OrderlyEmails has allowed our clients, to communicate with their customers in a professional and trusted manner that is consistent with their ecommerce store and brand. And more importantly, it helps them sell more.

Check out our podcast episode with Björn Forsberg, the Founder of FORSBERG+two.

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