Klaviyo email automation for your Shopify Store by Milk Bottle

5 Klaviyo email workflows to focus on for 2020

The number of channels available to Shopify store owners to reach new and existing customers is ever increasing.  For busy ecommerce merchants the time and skills required to utilise all of these channels such as social media, PPC advertising email can become daunting.

Email is a tried and trusted method to reach new customers and upsell to existing customers.  Just like any other channel, email is also time-consuming and requires complex setup to maximise returns.  However, once Klaviyo is set correctly, store owners can take advantage of automations which will continue to drive sales and increase revenue. 

Here are Klaviyo automations we set up on every store. 

1. Welcome series

In most cases when a user signs up to newsletter list on a website, the only email they receive in return is the double opt-in confirmation mail.  For store owners, this is the perfect opportunity to begin a conversation with the new subscriber.

A welcome series is a flow of emails that are designed to introduce your brand to new consumers, inform them of new products and ultimately build a relationship with the potential customer. We see great results with a 3 to 5 email series with an offer in the middle or end. 

2. Abandoned Cart

When a user visits your website and enters their details in the checkout but leaves the site before making the purchase, this creates an 'abandoned cart'. By using automated abandoned carts in Klaviyo, you can build out a series of 3 emails that will remind the user of the items that they left behind and potentially claw back that lost sale. In our experience, abandoned carts have an open rate of over 30% and are the second-best performing automation behind the welcome series.

3. Customer Thank You

When we visit a brick-and-mortar retail store, staff will usually say thank you. One underutilised automation is to simply thank your online customer. 

The customer thank you flow in Klaviyo is a really simple email that is sent to the customer 24-hours after they purchase and it simply says thank you! You can personalise this email by dividing it between new, repeat or high-value customers. When this mail is written in plain text, we see a high level of interaction.  

4. Back in Stock Flow

One great way of collecting subscribers on a busy Shopify store is to offer the potential customer the ability to submit their email address if they're looking for a product which is out of stock.  While the product is out of stock, this flow will automatically collect email addresses from interested parties. Once the item comes into stock, Klaviyo will automatically email all of the users that are signed up for updates to a particular product. This is an immediate driver of sales. 

5. Delayed Fulfilment Flow

If you are selling products that have a long lead time, such as crafted or hand made items, Klaviyo has a very interesting feature. By setting up a delayed fulfillment, flow you can automatically email customers every week or every two weeks, giving them a status update on their delivery. This improves the customer experience and gives the customer multiple opportunities to respond to that email so they can ask further questions. It's a really important touchpoint and has a wonderfully positive effect on customer experience even though the customer is waiting for a delivery.

Since we are accredited Klaviyo partners, you can simply reach out if you have any Klaviyo questions on hello at milkbottlelabs.com

Keith Matthews
Founder, Milk Bottle Labs