Episode #50: Creating smart collections for your Shopify store

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What's in episode 50?

Do you find that you have out of stock items appearing at the top of your collection pages? Or dead stock you need to move?

Daniel Gurevitch CEO & Founder of Kimonix chats to Keith about his slick app that helps Shopify brands optimise and boost their inventory. Using advanced analytics merchants can create smart automated collections and form a sorting strategy with advanced parameters and 1 to 1 personalisation to sell more. It is high level product sorting made simple. 

Episode notes

  • Introduction
  • Tele Aviv as a start up nation is booming
  • Israelis never relax - always thinking how to do things better
  • One area of Shopify lacking and that is product sorting
  • What is Kimonix?
  • Based on the business needs of each collection. As each collection has it’s own needs.
  • A merchandising solution. Sorting is a big issue that Kimonix resolve. Sorting strategy is crucial for big stores.
  • Showing the right product at the right time
  • Create a super collection (same idea as automatic collection on Shopify) but with extra parameters
  • Multi segment collection which  can be created within the collection i.e. multiple brands within the collection, can  create sorting strategy based on that.
  • Using google analytics data
  • Out of stock items pushed down to bottom
  • Setting a time frame on new items like 30 days
  • How AI works in the app, using personalisation
  • Personalised collection for email campaigns
  • Product grouping as some products always need to be beside one another - i.e. bikini - top and bottom product > can use product groups
  • Smart collections - using strategy to move non moving products but maintaining sales for best selling products.
  • App using Profit driven data
  • A time saver for online retailers i.e. staff don’t have to constantly check that homepage has sold out items

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