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App of the month: Kimonix

Do you find that you have out of stock items appearing at the top of your collection pages? Or do you need help to sell products with a lot of inventory but little sales?

There’s an app to solve this plus more. Kimonix Super Collections Sort&Create is an advanced app for smart collections and product sorting.

It allows merchants to add more control to their collections and helps them understand what to do with their products. Online retailers can optimise sales and inventory by showing the right product, in the right place, at the right time, in any collection.


Kimoni Super Collection Sort&Create app on the Shopify App Store: image of interface


Kimonix can automatically optimise and personalise all merchandising aspects of your online store like product sorting, recommendations, pricing, promotions, search, and more.

With insights into which products to promote based on their performance, exposure and inventory. It can also identify which products are not performing well and selling slowly so that merchants can apply a discount to them by bulk. 

With actionable data given about your products, merchants can maximise the efficiency of their inventory and make the necessary changes to increase their sales. 

It sends real time automated alerts on products running low in stock. Plus merchants can push down out of stock items and move new products up.

There is a quick and helpful support team that also offer an onboarding call if you need.

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