Milk Bottle Shopify App of the month - Smile: Rewards & Loyalty

App of the month: Smile Rewards & Loyalty

There is a lot of value in creating a rewards and loyalty program for your ecommerce store. With Smile: Rewards & Loyalty by you can turn one-time sales into repeat customers with a loyalty program. Boost customer engagement with points, referral & VIP rewards, attractive discounts with this flexible and easy to manage app. It’s a fun way for customers to engage with your brand every time they log in to your online store. There are already 30,000+ Shopify brands using it.


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It’s super easy to set up on your Shopify store and we love that it integrates with Klaviyo (our preferred email automation service). With flexibility to customise it to match your store design and brand needs, repeat customers are a guarantee.

Points can be earned for creating an account, completing a purchase, leaving a review, or celebrating a birthday. You can even set up expiry campaigns to create a sense of urgency.

Complete with in-app analytics, and an attentive customer service, Smile: Rewards & Loyalty app is a great way to help grow your online business.

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