Your loyal customers are your most valued customers. Image with man's best friend a dog.

5 ways to build customer loyalty

Customer loyalty is a measure of how often your customers are going to repeatedly buy products from you.

Your loyal customers are the ones who are going to buy your products even if they aren’t on sale and recommend you to friends and family. They are your most valued customer.

Loyal customers tend to spend more over time. And a happy customer is a loyal customer.

Let’s look at 5 ways you can build on customer loyalty.

Reward loyalty

Reward loyalty with a customer loyalty program. With apps like Smile, you can turn one-time sales into repeat customers with a rewards club. Don’t just have special offers and discounts for your new customers, have perks for your repeat, loyal customers too. Make them feel loved.

Get personal

Most customers are likely to be loyal if they feel valued. And a way to drive repeat business is to get personal. We talked about email personalisation and email automation in the past. And have mentioned apps like Happy Birthday, who automatically reward loyal customers with a timely birthday incentive or discount for your store. When you deliver relevant content to your customer, it has a positive impact on their experience.

Use social proof and create a community

Social proof is a great way for new customers to learn about your product and company. Encourage customers to leave a review. Loox is a photo review app, that can be used for customers to showcase their most recent purchase. It encourages user-generated content and helps nurture a community. Nicholas Mosse Pottery really demonstrate their strong community and loyal customer base through their reviews. It’s great to feel a part of something special.

Be transparent

Honesty and trust are vital values to uphold, especially for an online business. Be transparent in your communications, If something has gone wrong like a technical issue, explain it. Things don’t always go to plan and people will understand that. Give updates. Likewise if things are great - celebrate it too!

This all falls with being able to provide excellent customer service. It shouldn’t really have to be mentioned but it’s good to have a reminder. It doesn’t matter what you are selling but bad customer service can leave a negative impression. Go above and beyond satisfactory and people will keep coming back for more.