Shopify POS; retailer at register and customer with mobile phone payment. Point of Sale.

Start using Shopify's Point of Sale channel

We eat, drink and sleep Shopify here at Milk Bottle Labs.  We are 100% focussed on the Shopify platform - we simply don't work with any other solutions.  This allows us to achieve a significant level of speciality and knowledge of all things Shopify - it's why we're Shopify Experts!

Business owners often don't have the time to investigate how the Shopify platform can extend beyond a simple online store.  Over the past few years Shopify has extended the core eCommerce platform beyond website sales to include a range of other Sales Channels.  These include selling through Facebook, Pinterest and Amazon (some geographic restrictions with these) as well as opening a Wholesale Channel for Shopify Plus merchants too.  But one channel that frequently gets overlooked, even by seasoned Shopify merchants, is the Shopify POS solution.

At a basic level, Shopify POS lets you take payments in person.  Download the app onto your tablet or phone and away you go. You can use Shopify POS to process orders at Pop-Up stores, Festivals, Trade Shows - really anywhere that you might meet with your customers.  If you use the app and don't connect any hardware (cash drawers, printers, scanners etc.) then there is no additional charge for using the point of sale software. 

If you have a more permanent location then upgrading to the Shopify Retail Package might make sense.  A $49 per month add-on to your Shopify Subscription is the charge for the Retail Package.  This allows you to use a barcode printer to create barcodes for your products and a barcode scanner to automatically scan the products and add to cart at checkout.  A cash drawer manages your cash and the increasingly popular bluetooth version of the Star receipt printer provides your customers with a receipt.  There are other more advanced features available with the Retail Package such as issuing staff members with their own unique PIN code, manage your cashflow going through the till, handling staff shifts securely and many other features.... 

If you're interested in getting up and running with Shopify POS download the app here.  Our friends over at The Point of Sale Store have everything you need to start selling in person with Shopify POS - ask for Charles and tell him we sent you ;-)

Happy Selling!