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Client Requirements

GIY is a Not-for-Profit dedicated to helping people to grow some of their own food at home, at work, at school and in the community.  In addition to providing online resources GIY run growing, cooking and wellbeing classes in the Food Education Centre, GROW HQ in Waterford, Ireland.

They asked us to help them refresh their store which had been performing poorly and build a new microsite contained within the core Shopify store to promote the launch of their new product Growbox and a new national TV programme.


- Theme Migration

- Bespoke Microsite

- Conversion Rate Optimisation

- Shopify Masterclass Workshop

- Shopify POS

New Product Launch

The team at GIY had worked hard at putting together a family of new products to help children and adults start growing their own food.  

We created a new microsite within their upgraded Shopify store to showcase the new range of products and to support the new TV show.

National TV Show

Two months after launching the new Shopify store, came the first of six epispode of the new Grow, Cook, Eat TV show on RTE.  It has proven to be a fantastic success and is already into a second season to be aired from March 2019.  


The Growbox product is promoted both around the site through the usual navigation and promotional methods available to all Shopify merchants.  We created a different visual approach for the landing page and provided a mobile-friendly format that aids discovery and conversion.  


With the re-launch of the store and the addition of the new Growbox products, the GIY team have been able to take control of their online and in-store business.  They now have a platform to grow their business from and support the ongoing activities of the GIY organisation. 

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"We can't recommend the team at Milk Bottle Labs highly enough. Designing and creating the platform is one thing (which they did, brilliantly), but they added value for us by helping us to understand online selling more thoroughly. We're more confident now about how to drive traffic to the site, where it's coming from and how to increase our conversion rate. As any successful online retailer will know - the platform is only one part of equation. Knowing how to get the most from it is equally important. Milk Bottle Labs - with their deep knowledge of the Shopify platform - were the ideal partner in that respect." 

Michael Kelly, Founder, GIY

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