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With a significant existing and repeating customer base, Elivar required a seamless migration from its existing Amazon platform to Shopify - no loss of sales, customer historical data or e-commerce workflows.

On the front end Elivar wanted to maintain its existing strong branding, with strict guidelines including the use of specified fonts and colours across its store. Elivar also had significant 3rd party integration requirements to online accounting, inventory management and CRM services.  


UX Design


Multi-regional stores

3rd-Party systems integration

Custom blog 


With regional stores accepting separate currencies Elivar markets their products to different customers in different ways without limitation.  This allows their marketing team to segment and optimise campaigns to maximise engagement and conversions.


Elivar’s Featured Athletes are everyday people – aged 35 and over – who manage to balance busy working and family lives, yet still find a way to push themselves in their chosen sport. Some of them are Age Group World Champions, some are unsung heroes who put the miles in for their chosen charities. They are Triathletes, Swimmers, Long Distance Runners, Cyclists – one thing they all have in common is that sport is an important part of their lives. Elivar fuels their passion.

MOBILE-Centric Store

Elivar's customers are mostly mobile, so we created a clean, easy-to-use experience for mobile and tablet users that is optimised for conversions. The addition of a number of apps from the Shopify app store has increased their ability to repeat sell to customers around the world. 


Donal Hanrahan, CEO of Elivar said "Our existing customers have been hugely impressed with the ease of purchase compared to our previous site, while we have been able to acquire new customers in increasing numbers through the use of some really impressive apps from the Shopify app store." 

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"It was Milk Bottle Lab's commitment to our project that made this such a successful project. They took the time to really understand our requirements and in many cases helped us refine those requirements to achieve an even better outcome."

Donal Hanrahan, CEO, Elivar

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