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Episode 1 Milk Bottle Shopify Podcast with Louise Stokes from Loulerie Jewellery, selling on the Shopify platform
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Episode #21 Louise Stokes and the fine art of jewellery retail

Louise Stokes is the founder of Loulerie, a boutique jewellery store situated in Dublin. This episode is a great listen for any business owner who wants to know more about having an online store th...
Episode 10 Milk Bottle Shopify Podcast with Reza Khadjavi from Shoelace Shopify app
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Podcast #10 Customer Journey Retargeting with Shoelace

We chat to Reza Khadjavi co-founder and CEO of Shoelace. Shoelace is an app that believes ad experiences should be more engaging by telling a story which builds an emotional connection to create lo...