Episode #58: Givz back on your Shopify store

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What's in episode 58?

How can you drive sales, avoid discounts and yet build your brand by giving back? Meet Andrew Forman, CEO and co-founder of Givz. With Givz, each consumer can donate to a charity of their choice. In this episode Andrew explains how giving back is the ultimate marketing strategy for Shopify retailers in 2022.

Episode Notes

  • Introduction
  • Traffic in New Jersey and New York
  • Why ecommerce store owners want to give back
  • How to convert discounts into donations
  • How Givz developed into the app it is today
  • Understanding the US discount culture
  • How short term vision can be a dangerous game like Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers
  • The negative impact of deep discounts on brands
  • How Givz works
  • Why modern consumers are now driven by factors other than price
  • What is the cost of Givz? How much does the charity get?

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