Episode #57: From Oz to Denmark with 'The Orderly' Shopify Guy

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What's in Episode 57?

Björn Forsberg, Founder of FORSBERG+two an award-winning Shopify app developer joins us again for another Shopify podcast episode. Chatting from Denmark, Björn discusses how his side hustle became his bread and butter. This episode will inspire any app developer in the making. In particular reaching out and engaging with other developers to become more efficient.

Episode notes

  • How does an Austrialian end up in Denmark?
  • The perks of living on mainland Europe
  • How using the skills from working in banking helped build  a Shopify developer agency
  • What is OrderlyEmails?
  • What is OrderlyPrint?
  • The importance of listening to feedback from your customers and users in order to create a successful app
  • Handling Shopify platform changes
  • The motivation behind Shopify embracing app developers

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