Episode #59: Stephen Jiang, Founder of Fervor + Hue


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What's in Episode 59?

We are back with another merchant special with Stephen Jiang, Founder and MD of Fervor + Hue, an interior homeware brand based in Cork, Ireland. Listen to this brilliant backstory of a retailer who moved from China to Ireland as a teenager. Making Cork his home, Fervor + Hue was born out of passion and colour for homeware design. With strong connections to China, get the inside story of how to build a successful brand that is continually growing. Fervor + Hue are one of the Virgin Media's Backing Business winners and we worked with them to build a new trade site for their growing wholesale. As the pandemic unravelled Fervor + Hue concentrated on making their ecommerce offering a sustainable business and they haven't looked back since.

Episode notes

  • Introduction
  • Winner of Virgin Media Backing Business
  • Milk Bottle Labs built a trade online  Shopify store for Fervor + Hue
  • How did Stephen end up in Cork?
  • Learning English from scratch
  • What was the 1st culture shock?
  • Why set up Fervor + Hue?
  • Building a business from scratch
  • Meeting 100s of manufacturers in China
  • The benefits of being able to hop on a place and talk directly. Having the language and local knowledge to create contacts in China.
  • How Fervor and Hue became an experience store
  • Why choose home furnishings?
  • Designing their own product line and staying on top of future trends
  • How having a strong team helps build a collection and move forward
  • Supplying to 100 stores nationwide with own products
  • How to facilitate growth
  • Making the move to a bigger warehouse
  • How and when to manage rapid expansion
  • Shopify POS
  • The Brexit challenge
  • International shipping with bulky items
  • How to ship an airplane wing
  • The one thing Stephen loves about Shopify
  • Favourite Shopify app
  • The one thing that can be improved by Shopify?
  • What's the future for Fervor + Hue?

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