Episode #60: All about Klarna 'buy now pay later' for your Shopify store


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What's in episode 60?

Have you heard of Klarna? Colin Creagh, Head of Klarna Ireland chats about how the Swedish fintech 'buy now pay later' service can benefit your ecommerce business. Recently launched in Ireland Klarna has a network of 250k retailers and 90m users worldwide. An insightful episode into how this new payment system works for both merchant and customer. Learn how Klarna works with Shopify and Shopify Plus store owners and how it can support Irish merchants domestically and expand their online business.

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Episode Notes
  • Introducton
  • Colin's experience with Ebay and Cornmarket
  • How Ebay contributed to the whole principal of customer reviews and stars
  • Lecturing about fashion retail and ecommerce in 3rd level education
  • Who are Klarna?
  • Global payments and shopping service with 90m plus users
  • How Klarna is the alternative way to make payments online in a fun, transparent and engaging way
  • Snoop Dogg as a brand ambassador with a quirky, fun PR campaign
  • Important factors are security, trust and fun
  • Why Klarna is easy to use, and customer friendly
  • People want something different to the credit card experience which is now jaded
  • Pay in 3 explained
  • All about who pays the fees
  • Payment options
  • Responsible leading and spending
  • Responsible measures in place for things like late night spending
  • The Klarna app
  • How can Klarna benefit your store? Regular Klarna users tend to shop more often.
  • How do Shopify merchants get Klarna?
  • Using wish lists
  • How merchants get use trigger points to engage with their customer
  • The measures in place to deal with fraud  and risk
  • Immersive experiences by bringing it all to life
  • The next generation of shopping is QVC meets Tiktok