Episode #53: A Masterclass in Shopify Product Page Optimisation

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What's in episode 53?

What makes a good product page? Product pages are where it all happens and it is imperative that merchants succeed in getting it right for the success of their ecommerce store. Josh Frank from Test Triggers is an expert in crafting the perfect product page to help Shopify store owners sell more.

Listeners offer

"For the first 5 people that donate to https://afsp.org/ and forward receipt to me, I will do a video review of their product page."


Episode Notes

  • Introduction
  • Effective product pages require experience and skill
  • About Test Triggers
  • How merchants can get more from their ecommerce store
  • Different ways of working with clients
  • All about Michigan
  • Tips for better product pages
  • The downside of too many apps on Shopify
  • User testing
  • Visitor polls
  • What your product page should consist of
  • How Shopify merchants can find their voice

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