Episode #54: Shopify Online Store 2.0 with Default HQ

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What's in episode 54?

This summer Shopify announced their most progressive feature release Shopify Online 2.0, thus revolutionising the platform. And who better to explain what that means to merchants and developers than our top guest for appearances and Shopify guru Keir Whitaker from Default HQ. Keir chats with Keith about the new Shopify theme Dawn and how Shopify Online 2.0 offers the ability to edit every page structure plus more.

Episode notes

  • Introduction
  • Brief lowdown of Shopify announcements made in June 2021
  • Covid update - UK v IRE
  • Why the Shopify online store 2.0 and the Dawn theme is the biggest announcement to date made by Shopify. Plus how it has huge content management potential.
  • How the new default theme Dawn is a strong starting point to build an ecommerce site on
  • Speed and elegance, Dawn is 35% faster
  • Is 2.0 on premium themes? What does a Shopify merchant have to do to take advantage? 
  • What is sections everywhere?
  • The concept of drag and drop components or 'sections'
  • Shopify online 2.0 offering huge flexibility putting it on par with SquareSpaced and Wordpress
  • Single products stores
  • Defining metafields (creating size guides, instructions) simplifying experiences and offering flexibility
  • Everyone wants more data attached to their products
  • Auditing apps
  • Making a fresh start with Dawn
  • How working with an agency to get expertise. A store audit results in a better experience for customers
  • Developers can now interact in a way never before experienced
  • Personalising the checkout experience

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