Episode #45: Connecting Shopify stores with the right tech tools


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What's in episode 45?

The Shopify directory is massive, which can be overwhelming for merchants to know if they are choosing the right tool to help their store. With many copycat apps, it can be a minefield. In this episode Derric Haynie, founder of Ecommerce Tech chats about how he helps Shopify store owners choose the right technology to add to their store in order to boost sales.

Episode notes

  • Intro -- Hi from California
  • What is Ecommerce Tech?
  • What tools to implement and when?
  • Assessing the right tool for your Shopify store
  • Giving a sense of security to merchants
  • Delving into Derric’s background. How he learnt from his ‘great fails’
  • The importance of auditing apps on your Shopify Store
  • Are app developers evolving to suit the market? Or are merchandisers not using apps that are relevant?
  • Can there be limitations in customer development? Are the solutions too small?
  • The money you put in is the value you get back
  • How to use multiply tools to accomplish one goal like abandoned cart
  • Curating and bundling apps
  • Ecommerce Tech stays up to date with apps
  • Preventing big mistakes

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