Episode #46: The high volume photo retouching app

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What's in episode 46?

A picture paints a thousand words. Or in this case, good product photography gets you a 1000 sales (plus more!) In this episode Brian Guidry chats about Pixelz, a Shopify app that gives retailers professional grade photos to guarantee those sales. The jewel of Pixelz is its' ability to produce higher quality photos, fast, and in bulk. A big time saver for any busy Shopify merchant. Learn more about how this app can help boost your sales and enhance your brand's merchandise. 

  • Introduction
  • What is Pixelz?
  • Work, life and travel > Amsterdam, Majorca and California
  • Pixelz celebrating their 10 year anniversary
  • How does their service differ from other product photo services
  • How Pixelz can improve a photo that's even taken with a phone
  • Processing images at scale
  • Pixelz pricing model
  • How to drive more sales with enhanced imagery
  • Photography styles
  • Fashion product photography and variants

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