Episode #40: Kerrigans, the early innovators of fresh online delivery


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What's in episode 40?

In this episode, Keith chats to Barry Kerrigan, a Shopify merchant. Kerrigans is a family-run craft butcher with several bricks and mortar stores in Ireland. An early innovator of fresh online delivery, Barry chats about the opportunities presented by having an online store that compliments their walk-in shops.

Episode Notes

  • Introduction
  • Green Friday - supporting Irish businesses on Black Friday
  • 60 years old, Kerrigan is an early innovator of online fresh delivery
  • History of Kerrigans Family Butchers
  • While traditional craft butchery is still the core of their business, how do they adapt to lifestyle changes?
  • The first journey into ecommerce was in 2013 but why was it unsuccessful
  • Launched Food for Fitness in 2015 which lead to other ranges like Fakeout
  • Reasons why the first attempt of online retail failed
  • Working with DPD to deliver fresh food
  • The difference between the type of products bought in-store and online
  • Restrictions in certain products that they can sell in shopping centre stores, that they don't have online
  • Migrated to Shopify and utilising partnerships
  • Adapting to trends like vegan
  • Lambay Island cattle
  • Thoughts on the Shopify platform since migrating
  • Using apps like Zapiet for pick up and delivery.
  • The benefits of Klaviyo for email marketing. And Rewind for peace of mind.

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