Episode #41: How long did it take Freshonline.ie set up on Shopify?

What's in episode 41?

Shane Byrne is Head of Marketing at Fresh The Good Food Market. Fresh is a Dublin based premium grocer with 7 locations in the city. When the pandemic hit there was uncertainty whether the business would be opened or closed. The big question asked was how quick could they go online?

For any merchant that has been hesitant about moving online, this episode offers valuable insight into how to push through that doubt and go for it. With platforms like Shopify, it makes for an easier and secure transition. And with all the apps available on their Shopify App Store, you can really boost and tailor your ecommerce business to suit your needs and your customers.

Episode notes

  • Intro. Shane’s 1st podcast interview ever!
  • What is Fresh?
  • The move online. As the COVID-19 pandemic hit, how fast could an ecommerce presence happen?
  • The uncertainly of whether a business could remain open with all the restrictions
  • Navigating where to start and with what products
  • The Shopify experience — how Shopify made it easy to move online
  • Noticing a shift in products that people buy online as opposed to instore
  • Using chat functions to engage with customers and finding out their needs
  • The best apps
  • Repurposing job roles. Everyone rolled up their sleeves to make it happen.
  • The level of feedback has increased with customers especially with reviews. Something you don’t get in a physical store.
  • The importance of internationalisation
  • The benefits of partnerships

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