Episode #39: Building a world-beating Vegan brand on Shopify

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What's in episode 39?

Jeroen Proos is co-founder of Human+Kind an Irish based vegan skincare brand that is conquering the world. A great listen to any merchant looking to set up and/or expand their product business to small and large global retailers as well as managing their own online Shopify store.

Episode Notes

  • The challenges and successes of a vegan skincare brand
  • Chatting from Cork, hailing from The Netherlands
  • A brief history of Human+Kind
  • "Building a brand is not designing a logo"
  • Researching and exploring the range, look, and feel that took over a year
  • In 2010/11 Human+Kind were ahead of the current vegan trend
  • Developing a skincare product is a lengthy process. It took 2 years to complete the first product!
  • Testing, testing and more testing
  • You've got your product, now what's the order volume?
  • Human+Kind migrated from Wordpress to Shopify in 2019
  • 12 months in, Jeroen talks about the overall experience of Shopify, which is positive
  • Being able to manage 2 stores from a computer or phone and no site crashes, is a winning formula
  • Using influencers as a marketing tool to drive sales
  • Where is Human+Kind selling?
  • Answering the call for  vegan hand sanitiser at the start of the pandemic
  • The goodwill in Ireland with businesses rallying together to help others when the global pandemic hit
  • New products for Human+Kind
  • Being prepared to compete against the big brands

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