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Shopify POS adds new features

The last 12 months have seen significant enhancements and functional improvements to the Shopify POS solution.  On the back of the monumental multi-location inventory upgrade, we are seeing a steady stream of additional feature releases that help Shopify POS merchants save time and help them sell more.

Below are some of the most recent updates.

Get expert Shopify Retail support directly from within the Shopify POS app
If you are having problems with your hardware or if you've got a question about the Shopify POS software, it’s now easier than ever to contact Shopify’s dedicated Retail Specialists. Simply place a call directly from within the Shopify POS app and you’ll get immediate knowledgeable answers.

Make better decisions by using Shopify Retail Reports
Previously sales reporting was amalgamated together across all channels.  Now you can get detailed information about your sales in-person at a specific Shopify POS location. These new Retail Reports allow you to report by:

  • Retail sales by product
  • Retail sales by product variant SKU
  • Retail sales by product vendor
  • Retail sales by product type
  • Retail sales by Point of Sale location
  • Retail sales by staff
  • Retail sales by staff (daily)

Time = Money
When you’re running a busy retail store time is precious - so any way of saving time is welcomed. When you are helping a customer with an exchange or refund you can now view past orders based on the current location by default. You can also search and filter for other locations where they may have placed the original order. And the latest update includes receipt numbers for each POS order in Shopify allowing you to quickly look up that order using the receipt number - you can easily search for this number by tablet, desktop or mobile as well as the Shopify POS app.

Allowing staff to Clock-In
The Clocked-In app, from our friends at Venntov, is now available directly within the Shopify POS interface. Now you can easily track staff hours and access detailed reporting on works worked, estimated labour costs and add multiple staff members in one go using the CSV import tool. Check out the app here.

Enhance the Customer Experience in-store
Shopify's new Customers Tab on POS helps you give your shoppers a great experience. The Customers Tab gives you a quick and easy way to access, add, and update customer profiles. You can contact your customers directly from their profile using email, phone, or SMS, or use it to personalise in-store interactions.

Open a customer’s profile during checkout to access their entire order history. Then, use their order history to make personalised product recommendations or to quickly process returns and exchanges.

 If you need any Shopify POS hardware check out The Point of Sale Store - Charles is an expert on all things Point of Sale and can advise you on what you need to grow your in-person sales.  Tell him we sent you! ;-)