Announcement: Shopify and Mailchimp Part Ways

In the last few hours there's been a very important announcement from both Mailchimp and Shopify. As of today the Mailchimp application is no longer available in the Shopify app store.  

A few months back the Mailchimp application was temporarily unavailable. The latest announcement confirms the removal of the application permanently.

It's a major upset for thousands of Shopify store owners. Mailchimp is the default email marketing application for many and the go-to email platform for many Shopify theme developers.

So what does it mean if you're using Mailchimp?

On May 12th the Mailchimp app in your Shopify store will no longer function. Your data will not sync and if you run a busy store, it will cost you money. Customers who subscribe to your marketing lists through the Shopify checkout will no longer be added to your Mailchimp Lists as data will not be shared.

There are options for Mailchimp users. You can use a middleware application such as Zapier to connect your Shopify Store to your MailChimp account or you can move email platforms.

If you are going to move email platforms we recommend the following platforms. We have experience working with them. All are feature rich and offer great support:

    The official responses are here Mailchimp & Shopify .

    Happy Shopify'ing :)

    Keith Matthews