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Mailchimp Alternative #1. Meet Klaviyo.

A few weeks ago it was announced the Mailchimp application was no longer available in the Shopify App store. This announcement is affecting hundreds of thousands of Shopify stores around the world. 

While it has come as bad news to many, we believe it actually represents an opportunity for store owners to re-assess their use of email. Over the next few weeks, we're going to share details on alternatives to Mailchimp. Today we give a brief summary of Klaviyo.


Klaviyo pricing is based on the number of contacts in your store.

The Free plan allows you to send up to 500 emails and have 250 contacts in your account. It also includes Klaviyo branding.

Prices then vary as your contact list grows. As an example, if you have 21,000 contacts you can send unlimited emails and you can have email and chat support from Klaviyo for $400 a month.


Klaviyo has some very sophisticated segmentation features. For example, you can build the segments using behavioural transaction data which allows you to target your promotions more precisely based on previous purchases or you can segment based on events. Event-based segments could be built based on an event such as after a customer makes a purchase or subscribes to a list. Maybe they made a purchase 12 months ago or made a 3rd purchase.

It's really important to note that Klaviyo segments update automatically so you don't have to continuously maintain lists.


One of the most important features of any email marketing platform is automation. It's amazing the amount of busy, stores that actually don't take full advantage of email automation. Automated email flows in Klaviyo say make money while you sleep.

Klaviyo's wonderful flow feature enables Shopify store owners to build triggers which result in outbound automated emails. All are triggered based on your preferences. Say, for example, a customer purchases a second time. You can simply build a flow which will automatically send an email to that client with a nice thank you note or perhaps even an incentive to buy again.

Another great automation is the ability for Klaviyo to send customers an email when an item returns to stock. In this case for Shopify users, it saves the use of an additional Shopify app.


Klaviyo reporting structure brings enterprise reporting standards to Shopify users. Very clear dashboards showing campaign performance and more importantly the revenue as a result of previous campaigns is easily accessible in the Klaviyo dashboard.  The dashboard is designed to give users an ‘at-a-glance’ view of key metrics. All of the data is in real time which is important as your Shopify store will be open 24/7.


Depending on the price plan that you signed up for with Klaviyo, based on the number of contacts in your account,  you can easily access Klaviyo support by email and by chat. Their on-boarding support has a wonderful reputation. The content created by the marketing team is regarded as some of the best in the industry.

The team at Milk Bottle Labs regularly use Klaviyo as a trusted email Marketing platform and we highly recommended as an alternative to MailChimp.

Keith @ Milk Bottle