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Mailchimp Alternative #2. We Love Conversio.

We've been big fans of Conversio since it was launched on Shopify in 2014. Back then, as Receiptful, it was a a very simple app which allowed store owners upgrade the standard receipt delivered by Shopify.  Just like ShopifyConversio has grown and now includes all the features needed to supercharge your Shopify store outbound emails.

Conversio pricing is tiered based on the number of customers you have in your store. This starts at $20 a month for up to 500 customers. The top tier at 200,000 customers will cost you $850 per month. We believe the pricing for Conversio is very fair and offers great value for money.

One of the features that we love on Conversio is the dashboard.  You may find it hard to believe but the Conversio dashboard contains so much really important information and statistics on your outbound email activity that you actually find yourself logging into the dashboard as often as you will login to your Shopify. It contains some vital information. 
For example it calculates the time between repeat purchases. If the average time between repeat orders on your store is 25 days 

Conversio makes it easy to build an automated follow up email less than 25 days to customers who have already purchased. This will help to reduce the distance between repeat orders and have a massive impact on store performance.

The reason for purchasing an email marketing solution on your Shopify store is to take full advantage of the email automation capabilities and to boost your sales.

Conversio makes automation extremely easy.  In the case of abandoned cart emails within minutes you can replace the Shopify abandoned cart email with a beautifully designed template with your  which will match you store design. Conversio calls most of its automated emails follow up emails and just like the abandoned carts these sequences were events are easy to set up easy to test with all results measured on the dashboard.

Because Conversio originally started out providing enhanced receipts for Shopify stores it's the receipt that you can create using Conversio is one of the reasons we love it.  Very quickly you can brand the receipt with upsells. You can define and design a separate receipts for customers based on products they have purchased by collection/product or if customer is a first-time buyer or repeat client.

The tailored receipt brings enterprise-level customisation to your Shopify store

Our second favourite feature of Conversio is the power and speed at which you can build out newsletters. The template design function makes it extremely easy to quickly create test and build extremely professional, hi impact newsletters which will help you sell more.

If you're in the market for a new platform, we recommend considering Conversio.

Keith @ Milk Bottle