App of the month: Swell Rewards & Loyalty Program

App of the month: Swell Rewards & Loyalty Program

If you run a small to medium size business you will recognise loyal and returning customers. If you're running a bricks and mortar business such as a café or restaurant you meet these customers physically face-to-face.

For Shopify store owners recognising loyalty is harder but it’s amazing how you recognise clients from products purchased, their location and email address. We have our own online store and over the last two years we've got to know and recognise customers. We take calls and sometimes deliver with a personal touch. We have a relationship with our customers. And we’re proud each time a returning customer trusts our store. A purchase from a returning customer is a compliment. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to offer those loyal and returning customers a reward for supporting your business?  Traditional loyalty programs were expensive, cumbersome to implement and required hours of expensive integration.

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Meet Swell. A simple rewards application which not only acts as a rewards and loyalty builder but also automates the entire process. It is possibly the simplest and yet most powerful app in the Shopify App store. 

Swell is automated loyalty solution for your Shopify store built on 10 unique ways to engage and retain your customers. Rewards can be offered for minor events such as opening an account, signing up to a newsletter or making a purchase.

Swell affords small business owners the opportunity to implement an enterprise grade rewards program for as little as €9.99 per month.

Like most Shopify apps Swell is easy to install but does take some time to configure.

Assistance is supplied by a great support from Josh & the team. The FAQ section offers solutions to the questions you may feel are obvious :).
What makes Swell stand out is it's ease of us. With a few hours of opening your account, you'll have a fully automated rewards program installed on your site.

We installed it on our own store and within less than a day, we had more email subscribers taking up the special newsletter sign-up offer in one day than we had added in the previous month. An instant hit.

We'd suggest you try it out. Well worth the investment.

Cheers, Peter