eCommerce Fulfillment by Shopify

eCommerce Fulfillment by Shopify

As Shopify experts and online retailers, one of our biggest worries before we set up our first ecommerce store ( was the arrangement of shipping rates and direction of order details to our fulfilment partners.  When business owners are navigating the maze of online challenges shipping charges, postal rates, order management and customer communications all seem like impossible tasks.

Shopify's clever design provides answers to these questions and enables us to send our orders to our fillfillment partner to deliver to our customers.

When you sell online your customer expect prompt safe delivery of their order. Just as when we purchase, we expect just the same.

Shopify has fulfilment covered and makes setting up fulfilment easy. For international sellers, Shopify has a range of applications which can link into the major couriers such as UPS, DHL and Fedex. For smaller stores who may not use a major international courier, fulfilment can be easily directed a courier or fulfilment via email. An API can also be created linking your fulfillment partner to your store via an API reducing the need for email. This method reduces the possibility of failure in the event an email server goes down.

Feel free to chat to our team. We'll show you how to link your Shopify store to your fulfillment partner.

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